The site of Rosita is an outlying residential community occupied from the Middle Preclassic through the Terminal Classic, and linked politically to the Blue Creek site core from the Late Preclassic to the Late Classic time periods. Located 3.5 kilometers from the site core, Rosita is composed of a minimum of eight elite residential groups as well as numerous associated structures.

I began work at Rosita in 2006 as part of my Masters thesis and continued work at different areas of the site until 2009. In all, I excavted total of 10 buildings and was able to gain insights into how the residents interected with the core area of Blue Creeek as well as interactions with others in the greater Maya world. Of particular interest, I have been able to document a continued occupation at Rosita after the fall of the site core as well as renewed interactions with people from the Yucatan Peninsula. Read the excavation reports for the full story.

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